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Nobody Knows?

I have been trying to work on this page since I first launched Atomic Illumination, but due to a lack of evidence of the first iteration of Bottom Feeders online, I have been unable to gather the images or videos necessary to really make the page work.

My search will continue, but I didn't want to leave the entry for this game grayed out indefinitely on the portfolio page. This is why I have added this very basic page to let visitors know what is going on.

For the time being I would not expect to see any updates on this page. I have many pages I want to begin publishing, and those will be the priority until the site is finished. Then I will revisit Bottom Feeders, and if the page has to be all text then so be it!

As a note, there is a bit of Bottom Feeders related content out in the world. However, everything I have found is based off the later iOS release. I did not have any direct involvement in that version, but I was very happy to see that it contained elements of the many suggestions I had made for making the game better!