Resume / CV

Here you can view or download the latest version of my resume. Please note that this is a general use Game Designer themed resume, so if I have applied to your studio or company you probably received a variation that was fine tuned based on the qualifications and responsibilities of the job posting.

Toby Normoyle

Washington, United States


Player experience focused game designer with a well-rounded background in multiple disciplines and a proven track record in producing critically acclaimed content.


  • Content and systems design for console and casual games
  • Communicating and collaborating with all studio disciplines
  • Research, interpretation, and documentation of data and processes
  • Invention, specification (spec) creation, prototyping, implementation, and polish of new features
  • Using 3D level editors and digital content creation applications
  • Quickly learning new development tools, technologies, processes, trends, and hardware


TURN 10 STUDIOS, Redmond, WA   October 2012 - Present (Via Multiple Contracts)

Senior Vehicle Designer - Forza Motorsport 7 (Xbox One)

Worked on a broad range of tasks, from car physics and research to gameplay and camera tuning.

  • Set up and tuned unique driving cameras on all new cars in order to provide the best possible view to the player at any speed while also preventing any instances of camera clipping
  • Created proposal documents for existing and new cars to the franchise after completing thorough research on the cars themselves, their histories, and capabilities
  • Served as an Xbox One development kit medic for my team by reviving kits placed into a bad state and helping people solve various kit related issues on a near daily basis

Senior Forzavista Designer - Forza Motorsport 6 and Forza Horizon 3 (Xbox One)

Created highly polished UX experiences on countless cars for the unique Forzavista feature.

  • Performed peer reviews on the work of other Forzavista Designers to ensure a high quality bar, taught high level techniques to new hires, and kept bug counts at less than one per car
  • Collaborated with the design lead to identify and propose solutions to the top 20 Forzavista tools issues, which once implemented reduced the time needed to complete design work on cars by 20-50%
  • Learned to use the proprietary cinematics tool set in order to fix forgotten cinematics bugs and create new Forzavista Tour Cinemas before content lock down dates
  • Came up with and implemented design side fixes for long standing issues by constantly experimenting with and pushing the limits of the scripting system

Lead Track Content, Research, and Systems Designer - Forza Motorsport 5 (Xbox One)

Translated real world track research into game data and then distilled it into design documentation that harmonized the art, audio, design, and test aspects of track surface creation.

  • Managed meetings involving all disciplines to ensure that stakeholders had a clear understanding of all action items, risks, and changes that each track required
  • Developed the processes for both researching tracks and reporting Artist-friendly findings
  • Implemented start grids, pitting zones, and race feats for all new environments
  • Balanced and tuned the parameters of new and preexisting driving surface types

MONOLITH, Kirkland, WA   March 2014 - April 2014 (Via Contract)

Senior Software Test Engineer - Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (Multiple Platforms)

Took on a short term contract as a favor to a colleague in which I used my design knowledge to unearth and clearly report deeper bugs while also gaining experience with multi-platform game development.

  • Constructed a detailed achievement and trophy test case sheet with support for all 5 planned platforms along with built in pass fail summaries and explanations for how to test every single item

NOBODINOS, Redmond, WA   July 2012 - September 2012

Level Designer - Bottom Feeders (Facebook-Free to Play)

Assumed level design responsibilities for the startup company's premier title as a volunteer.

  • Iterated on user generated content (UGC) tools with engineering, resulting in easier level creation, safeguards to protect against lost work, and elimination of common performance issues

ZIPPER INTERACTIVE, Redmond, WA   June 2005 - June 2012

Level and Systems Designer - Unannounced Project (Cancelled)

Shaped story elements, designed AI focused systems, and used Maya to build experimental competitive multiplayer spaces during pre-production period.

  • Created detailed design and technical specs on proposed NPC AI behaviors and interactions
  • Quickly prototyped planned features using the existing engine, allowing for early peer evaluation

Level Designer - Unit 13 (PlayStation VITA)

Designed 5 missions from concept to final gameplay (paper map, physical layouts, ranked and dynamic scenarios, objectives, enemy encounters, gameplay scripting) in addition to systems and cover design.

  • Collaborated closely with asset and level artists to create gameplay focused environments
  • Generated and implemented over 4 months of mission seed data for the Mission of the Day feature
  • Made rational changes to gameplay based on internal feedback and observation of focus testers
  • Created level documents detailing the name, position, function, role, and purpose of every game object in every possible mission as a quick reference guide for use by any studio discipline

Level Scripter - SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs and Co-Op Evac Pack DLC (PlayStation 3)

Implemented and maintained 6 shipping and 5 DLC Co-Op / Instant Action missions (physical layouts, multi-density encounters, gameplay scripting) and finalized design for a stealth campaign mission.

  • Created an easy to understand one page reference document on cover markup for Art and Design
  • Completed cover passes on all levels by pre-Alpha to allow for accurate gameplay evaluation
  • Designed and developed improvements to the scripting system that allowed for more flexibility


Turn 10 and Zipper Proprietary Level Editors, Unity Editor 2017, Unreal Editor 4
Scripting Languages (C#, JavaScript, Python), HTML 5, CSS 3, jQuery, SQL, Perforce


The Ohio State University - Columbus, Ohio
Bachelor of Arts in Japanese